The Secretary Of Defense And The National Security Council Essay

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The Secretary of Defense holds a paramount job in the U.S. Government because of the importance of its department. Actually, the Secretary of Defense must be a citizen of the United States with large government or administrative experience, and who has not served in the U.S. armed forces in the previous seven years. The Secretary of the Defense is assigned by the President with the consent of the Senate, and is considered as the member of the Cabinet and the National Security Council. Holder works mostly with civilian and troop advisers to create American military policies and make foreign policy suggestions to the President. This position related to what is usually known as a Defense Minister in other countries.
President Barack Obama appointed Chuck Hagel for the Secretary of Defense, and he was confirmed by the U.S. Senate the following month. His complete tenure was noted by participation in Middle Eastern incidents, an appeal to considerable decrease the military’s budget, and his persistent efforts to review main problems between staff within the armed forces, such as sexual attack.
At the current time, the Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel declared that he would tender one’s resignation from his position controlling the Department of Defense. Subsequently, speaking from the State Dining Room of the White House, President Barack Obama emphasized that the Secretary Hagel has helped to observe a considerable period of transition for the United States and Pentagon.


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