The Secret Ingredient Of Reading Enjoyment Essay

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The Secret Ingredient to Reading Enjoyment
“A watched pot never boils.” Whatever that means. That is just one of the many phrases my mom reiterated during my childhood. Of course, I never gave it much thought. It sounded silly to me. As a kid, I heard so many words strung together and was completely unaware and unappreciative of the meaning; I was always a “get straight to the point” kind of kid. Anticipation coupled with instant gratification should be a recipe for immediate disappointment. In retrospect, it cultivated my journey toward self actualization. Sometimes in life, we plan out how we want things to go, and only focus on that specific end result. Like baking for example, we want the end product of the food, so sometimes the journey to get there, or the directions on the recipe, can be rushed or overlooked.
This thought brought me back to six years ago, rushing to put my oven mitts on as a burning smell permeated the first floor. Smoke billowed out from the stove top and flooded the kitchen. My twelve year old mind thought, “What’s happening?!” I was just trying to recreate that comforting, familiar aroma of banana bread that I baked all by myself. I rushed through the recipe, failing to add the exact quantities of ingredients, causing my bread to taste dry and overbaked. I did not respect incorporating dry versus wet ingredients and I failed to take time and read all of the directions carefully. All those details matter, and I was again taught not to rush…

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