The Second President Of The United States Essay

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Essay 1 The seventh president of the United States was Andrew Jackson. He grew up in the Carolinas as a mischievous child. He didn 't have parental restraints so spent much of his time fighting and didn 't learn to read and write. During his presidency and his time in congress he became a clear and passionate writer, however he did make many spelling and grammatical errors. He joined the army and quickly rose in the ranks and was the hero of the battle of New Orleans. In 1824 Jackson ran for the presidency in the Democratic-Republican Party and almost won however while he had more points in the electoral college and had much more of the popular percentage. Henry Clay had the deciding vote and in congress and made the decision that John Q. Adams would be the next president, to the outrage of many Jacksonians. In 1828 he won in a land slide and became the 7th president of the United States. He was a bad president though because he stuck by his ideals even when it wasn 't best for the country for example when he implemented the Spoil System, the Tariff of Abomination, the Trail Of Tears, and when he killed the National Bank. One of the first things he implemented during his presidency was the spoils system. The Spoils System was allowed for the president to give his political supporters spots in public office. Jackson claimed that it was constitutional because "every man is as good as his neighbor." However this backfired because many people were only interested because of…

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