The Season Four Of The Wire

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The season four of The Wire, focuses on many things in and out of school such as family issues and the different ways the kids could get a proper education. In the show, many middle school students are placed in Roland Pryzbylewski’s math class. The class is always filled with most of the students being disrespectful and interrupting Prez while he is trying to educate the students. Later on in the season, Howard “Bunny” Colvin, a retired commander for the Baltimore Police Department and Dr. David Parenti, a sociology professor at the University of Maryland creates a program that separates the corner kids from the stoop kids. The corner kids are those who are not well behaved in the classrooms and are more prepared for a life on the street while …show more content…
The corner kids will make some comment regarding not wanting to do the work or so and then cause for the class to go off on a tangent as it takes a while for Prez to get control of the class again. This causes for the stoop kids who want to learn to not be able to learn in peace since they are always getting disrupted. The corner kids do not care about learning math or so since it does not relate to the world as Albert indirectly says “He ain’t teachin’ me nothin’ ” (43:50). In episode four, from 43:25-44:16 Prez is trying to teach the students word problems and while doing so Albert interrupts the class with his comments to which a student in the front responds with “Can you please shut up? Mr. Prezbo is tryin’ to teach us somethin’ ” (43:50). This scene shows us how Albert does not really care about what is happening in school since it will not help him on the streets. However, the student who can be named as a stoop kid does want to learn and it is noticeable that she gets frustrated since the corner kids are always interrupting their learning …show more content…
In the beginning of the season we saw how the kids are disruptive when they are placed in the regular classroom with the stoop kids as well. Once they were separated, they made progress as they were taught things that related to them. In the end, they improved to the point where a few of the corner kids were allowed back into the regular classroom. These episodes really show that the program helped those kids out and shaped them into more calm and wanting to learn

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