The Science And Practice Of Preventing Human Injury And Illness And Promoting Well Being

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Save our Lungs

One can Identify environment health as the "science and practice of preventing human injury and illness and promoting well-being" (NEHA, pg. 1). Tackling the numerous environmental health complications has been an essential focus for health prevention specialist alike. One in particular many don 't seem to fully grasp its importance or cease, is Deforestation. To many 's surprise, Deforestation has slowly taken center stage as global concern not only for humans, but, species inhabited within. What is Deforestation you ask? It 's fundamentally the cutting or burning of down of forests for humans needs. As displayed in the visual, you can evidently see a groundbreaking image that symbolizes the effects of such hazard. Deep within this image a message vibrates for audiences alike. At first glance, majority of the populace would be unaware of what these forests mean to plants and animals living within, as well as its effects on the eco-cycle, which directly affects the air we breathe. Displayed within is a warning sign, that we are slowly killing not only ourselves, but the world we hold so dear. The Image displayed by WWF does a great job by using pathos to get their message across. Firstly, it’s paramount I mention WWF (World Wide Fund for Nature) as a credible illustration. We get our initial acknowledgment of ethos, which perceive as vital component for captivating viewers. WWF is long known for advocating environmental health, it’s also taken a lead in…

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