Essay about The School System Of Education

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Most of our school systems revolve around academics and yet, it is extremely poor of what kids need. From Pre-Kindergarten to University, I truthfully believe our school system of education is deeply overvalued. Students like myself aren’t the only ones displeased about the education system, at least one third of mothers and fathers are dissatisfied with standards at local schools and there is no wonder why. If you ask any child, kindergartner or 8th grader what they disliked most about school, they’ll say something along these lines, “I hate the tests.” Students and parents of grade school and even University shouldn 't question their standards and school shouldn’t feel like a knot of stress falling on their shoulders. That is where our school systems fail immensely.

Days before even stepping into my first lecture class, I was immediately startled at the amount of history courses we were supposed to spend money on. No, Georgia History has nothing to do with Obstetrician and Gynecology and yet, I am supposed to engage myself in more than 20 credit hours of United States history and Economics. I still scratch my head boggled at the amount of different kinds of standards I 'm supposed to obtain to be able to move on to a career no matter how many times they explain me, “we want you to be well rounded students.” Still questioning the standards, I decided to look up what employers really look at when reviewing a fresh out of college twenty something year old’s transcript.…

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