The School Public Education Sector Essay

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1. The Southwood School is a part of the UK public education sector. Specifically, it is a mixed comprehensive secondary school. With regard to its general functioning, the school could be impacted by uncontrollable external factors such as competition and social, political, and economic structures. For example, Southwood School faces competition from other institutions in terms of academic and athletic achievement. As a result, student enrollment might be affected. Secondly, the age structure of the population, along with its ideas, behaviors, and attitudes could influence Southwood’s operations. Next, it is a government funded, non-profit organization; therefore, Southwood relies on the resources allocated by government and functions within its parameters. Finally, the success of the local economy determines the standard of living, which in turn affects the vigor and resources invested into Southwood.

In terms of its specific recruiting approach, parallel external factors such as competition and social, political, and economic structures could uncontrollably impact Southwood School. For instance, it competes with other institutions in attracting quality staff applicants. Applicants might be persuaded with differing benefits, compensation, and opportunities offered by other schools. Next, social factors, including culture, relationships, ideas, attitudes, and behavior patterns of the population could signify the types of individuals sought for Southwood. Then, the rules…

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