The School Of The Classroom Essay

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Setting The school I observed was the Elementary School in Gray, Maine. This school is for Pre- kindergarten to second grade only . This particular school has only two floors. The front door has the door buzzer and on the inside is wheelchair accessible and , it has an elevator. The first and second grade are on the second floor and pre kindergarten and kindergarten are on the first floor.The classroom I observed was the kindergarten class, which had 24 children. The teacher ratio was 24 to one teacher and two assistant teachers. The size of the room is very wide and have enough room for children to move around. They are four different areas in this classroom the computer area, snack and arts and craft, playing area and reading area.The classroom had the exit door and a toilet appropriate for the children.
1.They were posters on the cafeteria wall about health and unhealthy food.
2.The food preparation area of the kitchen is separated from the eating area and no children are allowed to enter.
3.Meat product, fish, poultry, milk, and eggs are refrigerated before use.
4.The meat products were labeled are from government-inspected sources.
5.All fruits and vegetables are washed throughly with water prior to use.
6.Water, milk, apple juice and, orange juice are the one drinks allowed for children.
7.For breakfast they serve fruits such as bananas, apples strawberries, and cheerious only for cereal.
8.For snack time was both healthy and…

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