The School Of Red Bridge Elementary Essay

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About five minutes from my house, in between Holmes Road and Wornall Road, on 107th street, sits Red Bridge Elementary. A brick school that was not very big, but had a massive playground behind it spanning what seemed to be the size of 3 football fields, Red Bridge taught grade kindergarten through fifth grade. Walking in the front entrance, the office of the principal is straight on your right and there is a hallway going left and right and off of that hallway are two hallways that go straight. Down the right hallway is the younger kids such as the kindergarten and first grade classrooms and down the left hallway are the fourth and fifth grade classrooms. Each day kids pile off the bus into the school to see what the day has in store for them. At Red Bridge Elementary, all kids are given a great opportunity to learn and grow into young adults ready for the next stage of their lives. Through one on one teaching, and passionate teachers, Red Bridge elementary shapes and molds the kids of the future. In the two second grade classrooms, run by Ms. Staltler and Mrs. Strahm, I helped with all kinds of different projects from redecorating to technology. One of the first things I notice about Red Bridge Elementary was they had many teachers in place whose sole purpose was to take struggling kids and help them one-on-one to keep them caught up with the entire class. I thought this was an interesting program the school had implemented and the more I thought about it the smarter it…

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