Essay on The Scholarship Boy And The Author Being Adam Lovell

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What do you believe the best genre is for literacy? Well, I believe that fiction is the one that interest me the most. Three reasons why I think fiction has changed my perspective in literacy is the creativity, my brother, and the Hunger Games series. People might not like fiction because people don’t like stories that are just too crazy such as like Star Wars (which everyone does like even though it’s fiction). Fiction is something that can just be really fun to read/write because of the realness or story being filled with so much adrenaline. Just let me tell you how fiction changed my views in reading and writing and how it can possible change your perspective.
In the article The Scholarship Boy and the author being Adam Lovell (1957) feels like the same as my main point in this. He talks about how mass media affected his life as he look at the newspaper. He wasn’t taught what was right or wrong but what other people’s views on the discrimination was. In the article, Lovell says that he “was able to discover Art and Music and discover just a totally different world”. I felt a connection to this article because like he said that he basically left the “world” he was in and entered a new “world” and it really was the same for me when I introduced to the fiction genre. It just felt like I left my existing “world” and entered a new “world” at the same time.
The first reason why I love fiction is because of my brother. My brother and I were totally different people back then. My…

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