The Scenery Of Saudi Arabia Essay examples

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The Scenery of Saudi Arabia Imagine a place that has beautiful cities that all have unique, interesting, and accessible attractions. Indeed, Saudi Arabia is both beautiful and has many different types of attractions that are located in natural and modern places that tourists can visit. According to Nydell and McGregor in the article “How To Live & Work In Saudi Arabia : A PracticalHandbook for Short and Longstay Visitors” “ Saudi Arabia is the largest country on the Arabian Peninsula, located between the Red Sea and the Arabian (also known as the Persian) Gulf ”(11) . Therefore, each person needs to know what he or she wants to see. Newly married couples and the elderly population usually prefer natural areas because it is relaxing, and they want to escape their daily routine. Other people like to go to places that have malls because they prefer the shopping. Some families enjoy shopping, while other families who have children want to visit a place that has parks and zoos because their children enjoy it. In contrast, a few people go to a new place because they like to learn a new culture and language. On the other hand, some tourists do not have any specific target because they want to experience any part of Saudi Arabia. In the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, there are many different kinds of areas each person can visit. The first important place that each person can go to is Makkah, especially Muslim people. It is the heart of the Islamic world and the revelation, and…

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