The Saving Significance Of Christ 's Death Essay

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The saving significance of Christ 's death relates to the perception of Christ’s person. The Christology of Barth possess an exclusively unique view of Jesus Christ’s status which eventually brings Barth the development of his Christocentric methodology. As a matter of fact, it is in this high Christology that ascribes the reconciling work to the vicarious death of Christ on the cross and, therefore, presents both God’s mercy and righteousness.

In the doctrine of reconciliation in which Barth treats Christ’s death in the obedience of the Son of God as the beginning of Christ’s reconciling work, the suffering and death of Christ on the cross characterizes several aspects of the salvation in Christ. Firstly, it is a forensic justification in which the Son of God is judged in our place. The salvation here is that the Son of God has carried the judgment of sinners away and fulfilled it by suffering the punishment which is death itself. Secondly, Christ’s death is a royal governance that because the salvation delivers us from the bondage of sin by defeating sin and death. In his death, the power of sin has been overcome by means of removing the being as sinner through vanquishing the power of sin. The finally and most important aspect of Christ’s death is the priestly sacrifice for human being. Christ’s death on the cross is itself the atoning work of which the very heart is the overcoming of sin for “sin…is the obstacle which has to be removed and overcome in the…

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