Ratzinger Short Summary

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Ratzinger’s Short Summary
The main point Ratzinger is making in this article is to show the real representation of the Cross Jesus died on and the reconciliation of Jesus. Ratzinger also talks about humans and how we can gain salvation from Jesus by following his will.
1-Difference Between Sacrifice Beliefs
Ratzinger stated that it is powerless to reconcile and purify men by sacrificing bulls and goats. Jesus followed God’s guidance and sacrificed himself in order for the worlds sins to be wiped away. Once Jesus sacrificed himself for mankind, believers in the Torah and other beliefs turned towards God as a new leader. People started to believe in Christ instead of their old beliefs. Sacrificing animals would not be able to reconcile man. Christ, who is infinitely pure, knew that in order to purify others of their sins, he had to sacrifice himself to change the world from evil to good. Animal sacrifices do not take away sin.
2- Answer to Objection
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Ratzinger responds by stating that real forgiveness was accomplished on the Cross. God suffers on the Cross to make the world pure because of our sins. Evil distorts the world man lives in and Jesus sacrifices himself to save us from our sins. The injustice and evil of the world needed to be eliminated by Jesus’ sacrifice. Christ is not cruel for his atonement. He transformed darkness into love and purity.
3- Worship and Word of God
Ratzinger talks about sacrifice and the meaning of spiritual sacrifice as “sacrifice in the manner of the word.” That becomes formulated into prayer (worship) which is the “self-opening of the human spirit to God.” Man can become “word” which is when man moves their life closer to God and starts to follow His will. God loves it when man directs their existence towards Him and man becomes more like Him. God regards man with great respect when man lives in obedience to his word.
4- Insufficiency About Obedience and

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