The Santo Domingo Pueblo Computer Workstation and It Infrastructure Project

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Jack Carabillo
Project Management
November 22nd, 2015
BUS4350 – Mark Jason

The Santo Domingo Pueblo Computer Workstation and IT Infrastructure Project Project Scope
The scope of Santo Domingo Pueblo’s Computer Workstation Infrastructure Project includes the planning, design, development, testing, and transition of the Santo Domingo’s Information Technology Workstation Infrastructure software package. This software will meet or exceed organizational software standards and additional requirements established in the project charter. The scope of this project also includes completion of all documentation, manuals, and training aids to be used in conjunction with the software. Project completion will occur when the
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Work packages were developed through close collaboration among project team members and stakeholders with input from functional managers and research from past projects.
The WBS Dictionary defines all work packages for the IT Workstation Infrastructure Project. These definitions include all tasks, resources, and deliverables. Every work package in the WBS is defined in the WBS Dictionary and will aid in resource planning, task completion, and ensuring deliverables meet project requirements.
The IT Workstation Infrastructure Project

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