Julius Caesar Rough Draft

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In The Salem Witch Trials: A Reference Guide, K. David Goss writes about the commencement of Puritan Belief in Witchcraft, the accusations, early interpretations, contemporary interpretations and the impact it caused on future generations.

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When he was young, he was considered a very cultural and literate Roman. Caesar showed to be successful in events such as defeating the tribes in Gaul, which would lead him to obtaining governorship over Gaul’s tribes. With connections from tribes outside the border, he decided to go on an expedition against Britain. When Caesar was set to return to Gaul, Gaul rose up in a widespread rebellion; this threatened his power. Caesar continued to brutally press Vercingetorix, the leader of the rebellion, even after losing several battles to him. Caesar finally forced Vercingetorix to surrender. Later Caesar would return to Rome and be faced with being put on trial. He concluded that starting a civil war was better than being prosecuted. He had to pursue Pompey into Italy and then he would defeat him; resulting in Pompey fleeing to Egypt. Pompey would be killed by Ptolemy within minutes of his arrival. Caesar returned to Rome and declared himself a dictator for life. The majority of the people did not like that and he was brutally murdered for it. This source would not be credible due to the fact that it is a biography and anyone can write one with false information. Without the author or the sources they used, this article in not useful in writing the research …show more content…
He wished to put Rome in order with his ideas. When Caesar married Cornelia, he showed the public that he was on the radical side. When Sulla returned he led a successful counter-revolution and then demanded Caesar to divorce Cornelia; he refused to do so. For doing this, Caesar almost lost everything he owned and his life. This article is credible because it is from an encyclopedia. There are not many details about Caesars military career, or some in-depth explanations of any battle; therefore, this article will not be useful in writing the research

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