The Safety Rehabilitation And Compensation Act 1988 Essay example

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Safety in the workplace accounts for the policies and procedures established in order to prioritise the safety and health of employees within a workplace. There are numerous legal and non-legal measures that have been enforced by legislators and non-legal organisations, in the hopes to accomplish equality and fairness for individuals. However, it’s undeniable that they may be inadequate towards achieving justice for victims, essentially questioning their effectiveness.

First and foremost, Comcare is a legal measure which may be utilised in order to achieve justice for employees, as they strive towards keeping workers ‘healthy and safe by minimising harm in the workplaces’ (Comcare, 2016). Their functions and responsibilities are covered under ‘the Safety Rehabilitation and Compensation Act 1988, the Asbestos-related Claims Act 2005 and the Work Health and Safety Act 2011.’ (Comcare, 2016). Comcare can be acknowledged as effective towards the attainment of justice as they conduct inspections under the WH&S Act 2011 (NSW). For example, Comcare conducts compliance inspections, in which they heavily focus upon achieving ‘safety outcomes, reducing non-compliance and encouraging continuous improvement.’ (Comcare, 2016). This is quite efficacious given that the critical observations potentially identify and report potential hazards, therefore contributing towards the prevention of work-related injuries and illnesses, thus ensuring rights of individuals are protected whilst…

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