The SCORR Model: The Supply Chain Operations Reference Model

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One of the most recognized methods for integrating supply chain and measuring their members’ performance is the supply chain operations reference (SCOR) model. The SCOR model is used as a supply chain management diagnostic, benchmarking and process improvement tool by manufacturing and service firms in a variety of industries around the globe. Some of the more notable firms have success using the SCOR model include Intel, IBM, Cisco, Siemens etc. striving for the best telecommunications supply chain.
The supply chain operations reference model also known as SCOR model, helps manufacturers to build best -of-class operations. It is a cross-industry standard analytical tool for supply-chain management. The SCOR model is a process
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SCOR metrics are intended to be used in blend with supply chain performance features, making it easier to relate different supply chains and different supply chains and different supply chain approaches.
• Planning and Risk Controlling
It helps users to establish rules and strategies, give responsibilities, co-ordinate responses and monitor current conditions.
• Supplier/Partner Relationship Management
It provides a common language for supply chain classification and analysis, Using a common language and outline makes it easier for teams to communicate, speeds benchmarking efforts, and improves the estimation of best practices.
• Talent
The SCOR skills management outline matches process reference, metrics position, and practice position mechanisms with zero skills experience, ability and training.
Scope of SCOR:
It includes all customer relations from order entry through paid statement, all product (physical material and service) dealings, with equipment, materials, software etc. All market relations, from understanding total demand to the completion of each order.

Observations of SCOR:
It defines methods not purposes. In other words, the model emphases on the activity involved, not the person or organizational element performs the

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