The Rules About The Rule Essay example

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Stephen Carter mentioned in “The Rules about the Rule,” "We care more about winning than playing by the rules."(179) I take this into consideration while on my journey to succeed. Also keeping in mind the integrity that is expected from me by the college, my teachers and classmates. To be successful is not just about winning at all costs, but about winning using to the proper tools. OLCR composition course will be demanding and intense as noted in the syllabus. Learning college level research, enhancing reading skills along with analyzing, evaluating, and synthesize ideas. Onto drafting and revising essays while writing in clear Standard English. Requiring two books for the success of the course: The Writer’s Presence by Donald McQuade and Robert Atwan, in which we will be reading short stories, and A Writer’s Reference by Diana Hacker and Nancy Sommers, described as a college English handbook that we will be using as a guild for proper writing, grammar and research. Our papers will be scored based on an ABE rubric scale. And at the end of the course our main grade will be based on our writing portfolio. After reading Carter’s “The Rules about the Rule,” I can synthesis with his definition of integrity and the course requirements, because for me it’s not only about passing, I want to make sure I am learning new skills in the processes.
When Carter mentions how many people fail step one in the rules of integrity “…we do not take the time to discern right from wrong.” (185)…

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