The Rule Of The Roman Republic Essay

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Rome in late 500bce was expanding and becoming a rich city. During this era, Rome was ruled by Kings and there was inequality and development of aristocracy around the ruler. These aristocrats or noblemen were kings companion and enjoyed aristocratic lifestyle. They owned large farms and had poor romans or slaves who looked after their farms. In 540s, King Servius Tullius gave political powers (to vote) to prosperous common people in centuriate assembly. These aristocrats saw gradual transfer of powers to common man feared losing their authority. So, they decided to over through monarchy and establish Roman republic. Under the republic there was no king and citizens governed the city. Citizens became free from lordship. As Rome became free from monarchy, these aristocrats took over the control of the roman republic. The republic was also called SPQR, which means the senate and people of rome, and within the republic there were Patricians and Plebeians.
In late fifth and early forth centuries Rome faced severe internal conflicts known as struggle of orders. Struggle of order referred to political struggle between the Plebeians (common people) and the Patricians (aristocrats). Patricians were the group of people who were wealthy, powerful and held exclusive right to hold offices under the republic. Whereas Plebeians were a group of common people with little or no political power. “ Plebeians were a homogenous group, since it contained individuals with a range of statuses and…

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