The Root Causes Of Obesity

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Understanding Obesity
Around the world, Americans have a reputation for being sluggish and uneducated. Perhaps that’s because of the high obesity rates in this nation. The formal definition of this disease, according to the Harvard School of Health Science is “having too much body fat”. It’s important to note that obesity is not the same thing as being overweight. The root causes of obesity are the effortless ways of obtaining fast food as opposed to cooking from home, extremely cheap fast food, and inactive lifestyles; however, this disease can be cured and there are preventative measures that can be taken to avoid getting to that point.
How Obesity Came To Be
Defining the root of the problem, in this case, is not easy. There are several things that factor into the rising obesity rates in America. The first culprit in the obesity cycle is convenience. To explain, it’s much more easier to order a meal outside rather than make one from scratch. This is especially true for those with working lifestyles, who don’t have the time or energy to go grocery shopping or to learn new recipes. As a result, restaurants and fast food chains end up making money. In order to keep their customers and income coming, they make their meals taste good by adding extra fat and oil to the food. Furthermore, in some cases it’s actually cheaper to order fast food
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A condition that can be detrimental and potentially life-threatening for someone in the long run if it goes untreated is worth looking into. To summarize, it’s hard to give a cookie cutter explanation as to why obesity happens in someone. An individual could be obese because of his or her busy lifestyle, the fact that is cheaper to buy a cheeseburger instead of making a salad from scratch, and our increasingly digital civilization. While obesity can be a potentially fatal disease, with baby steps, it can be

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