Essay The Room Is Sweltering Hot

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The room is sweltering hot. The flies are buzzing. Suspense is rising and ideas are turning into a cacophony of aggressive and intelligent voices. The room is full of arguing men who are taking sides when they are supposed to be working together. Suddenly, a timid, soft-spoken man of 5’6” emerges from his world of note taking. He had had enough. His gentle yet passionate voice silences the others as it begins to speak reason into the field of chaos. The owner of this wonderful voice of logic and wisdom was James Madison (at the Constitutional Convention in Philadelphia). From barely being heard, to silencing a group of powerful, significant men, or even becoming president, Madison did it all. Growing up as a sickly child, James loved to read. From that, academics swept him off of his feet, leading him towards a successful carrier in politics. Through politics, Madison, father of the Constitution, accomplished both minor and major tasks which all assisted the promising future of America. He helped write the Federalist Papers, which furthermore aided the ratifying of the constitution. He wove his ingenious visions within the foundational documents of our nation such as, The Constitution, The Bill of Rights, ect. And coveted the safety of the people and reliability of the government, setting an example for the leaders to come. With that stable, secure foundation Madison, an influential leader of America, set forth, our nation should be following his and the…

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