The Roman Renaissance : A Time Of Creative And Incredible Skill

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Codie Muth
The Roman Renaissance was a time of creative and incredible skill, in which it was common to see certain religious scenes like the Deposition, the Pieta, and the Lamentation over Christ. While analyzing these paintings from 1400 to 1600 it is obvious that many of these paintings have certain imagery that repeats itself and the different time periods also have distinct styles to them. With each time period the paintings composition, style, imagery, and meaning all affect the viewers emotions that the painting invokes and that was ultimately the artists goal, to not only tell the story of Christ but to make viewers really feel the story of Christ.
Over 200 years it is amazing that three images could remain so unchanged and yet change so much. The Deposition is the scene where the action of removing Christ from the cross is depicted, the Pieta is after Christ has been removed and Mary is holding Christ, and finally the Lamentation over Christ is when important figures in the Christian faith are morning over the body of Christ. Although the three hold three different meanings each share common important imagery such as the shape of a cross, Mary in darker colors, the crown of thorns, the spikes, and most often are the five holy wounds. All of these are not depicted in each of the paintings but they are the most common because each have very important meanings behind them. The shape of the cross remains as a reminder of what had just occurred. Mary in black…

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