The Roman Empire : How A Civilization Relies On The Structure Of The Government

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Throughout history religion and politics have played a vital role in shaping civilizations. Politics determine who will run the country and religion will always be a factor on how a country is ran. These two go hand in hand and can influence the outcome of the community. The Roman Empire is a prime example of how a civilization relies on the structure of the government. Theodosius the Great conveys the problem with Ancient Rome when he says, “I do not say that the people in that century were happy or contented, or even generally prosperous. How could they be happy or prosperous when monsters and tyrants sat on the throne of Augustus and Trajan? How could they be contented when there was such a vast inequality of condition,--when slaves were more numerous than freemen,--when most of the women were guarded and oppressed,--when scarcely a man felt secure of the virtue of his wife, or a wife of the fidelity of her husband,--when there was no relief from corroding sorrows but in the sports of the amphitheatre and circus, or some form of demoralizing excitement or public spectacle,--when the great mass were ground down by poverty and insult, and the few who were rich and favored were satiated with pleasure, ennued, and broken down by dissipation,--when there was no hope in this world or in the next, no true consolation in sickness or in misfortune, except among the Christians, who fled by thousands to desert places to escape the contaminating vices of society?” (Theodosius 2). As…

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