The Role Of Women Throughout Literature Essay examples

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The role of women in society has and will be forever questioned not because the world doesn’t understand her importance, but, because in a male driven world women just don’t stand a chance. This is seen to be true in almost anything, film, history, and most notably literature. Literature is the one medium that transcends time, race, and the ages. Literature also offers a small or a big view depending on the author into the lives, feelings and most importantly day to day roles of women. The role of women within literature has been discussed widely by various authors, their role has, furthermore, been spotlighted in several diverse ways to say the least. Some include the head of the house, the town’s harlot, or a goddess due of all the praise. Despite progression over time, especially within literature of a past era several literary body of work seem to depict women in the same typical manner which is one of the homemaker, the cooker, the teacher, the raiser of the children, of the sex object and not of the lawyer, the doctor , or the head of the household. Therefore, it would make the study or women roles within certain text very interesting because the way the author decides to depict women can be a direct reflection of what he or she believes or it could just be an honest representation of the roles of women in that point in time. In this paper I will begin to pin point the role of women within the Odyssey. The Odyssey offers a view into the day to day lives of women during…

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