The Role Of Viral Marketing Essay examples

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.3 The role of viral marketing
4.3.1 Channels of film propaganda Figure 4.4 where have you seen films’ propaganda

It is similar with the investigation of people’s habits of getting information on movies (Fig 4.2). In this sample, there is a significant over half of the respondents always (option ‘5’) see film’s publicity in social media (58.55%) (Fig 4.4). On the other hand, there is less than one-fourth respondents ‘Rarely’ (‘2’) or ‘Never’ (‘1’) notice some propaganda of films on social media.

It can also be seen from the bar chart that two traditional media (TV and Journal) accounted for only 13.51% and 3.77%, which are the lowest two among these marketing strategies. Also, the proportion of the option TV and journals is highest in option ‘1’ and ‘2’, which account for half the total respondents.

These above figures probably show that online marketing, especially social media marketing is more likely to get a larger audience coverage compared with traditional media marketing.

Respondent 58 also expresses this kind of opinion,

…film’s social media marketing is everywhere now, I still remember some even if I do not want to remember these movies’ propaganda…

In the past, most Chinese movie fans had to go to the cinema to see a trailer for the upcoming movie, and TV showed some trailers after showed in the cinema. But now, the development of the social media seems to have changed the spreading way of information among people. Although the movie company still holds…

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