The Role Of Social Conservatives And Cultural Politics Essay

1469 Words Nov 22nd, 2016 6 Pages
In 2001 the twin towers had been attacked by terrorist who were muslims, they had hijacked 3 planes and two of them hit twin towers causing them to be destroyed killing near to about 3,000 people.Many were outraged americans were outraged and turned to the fact that all Muslims where terrorist and had to be gone because, they had been the reason for 9/11.People had been stereotyping them calling them “dirty” or “evil”.They wanted them gone they wanted no part in their them or their beliefs and according to “Anti-Islam Discourse in the United States in the Decade After 9/11:The Role of Social Conservatives and cultural Politics” by David D.Belt talks about how a post on Charisma News with an article title “Why I am Absolutely Islamophobic” was very demanding on Muslim-Americans needed to to deported as soon as possible,or go under sterilization.Also had talked about on of Bush’s family friend being Franklin Graham had said that he thought the muslim religion is”very evil” and “wicked”.One last example a man named Gabriel had said Islam is the real enemy of America and that we will be “doomed”if we do not realize it.(211-212)This man knowing really nothing about the muslim culture just rants and rants like he knows everything about it and that it is “wrong” just like everyone else did after 9/11.They had not been giving just basic human rights everyone would just treat them as if they were trash .Goverment watching their every move , they couldn’t…

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