The Role Of Sarah Lund Essays

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The next role of Sarah Lund to be examined is that of the mother. Lund is a single mother of an adolescent son, but she does not provide the traditional model of responsible ‘neoliberal’ motherhood. Angela Davis purports that “although the ‘housewife’ was rooted in the social conditions of the bourgeoisie and middle classes, nineteenth-century ideology established the housewife and mother as universal models of womanhood” (1981, p. 229). Since then, different waves of feminism, and contemporary postfeminism have constructed woman- and motherhood as a more differentiated identity in which it provides twenty-first century women with the inalienable right to a career (Whelehan, 2013, p. 85). However, Amy Burns argues that women in popular culture are often still represented through the implication of needing to be ‘restored’ by romantic relationships and family when they neglected their personal life due to a demanding career (2013, p. 142). This representation is also found in societal establishments through research from Shani Orgad and Sara De Benedictis in 2015. The study suggests a certain demonization of the working-class single mother in UK’s society (Orgad & Benedictis, 2015, p. 3). Societies understanding of gender equality, including career and parenting, has previously already been discussed to be more progressive in Scandinavia (Borchorst & Siim, 2008, p. 224), but nonetheless Lund’s way of parenting caught the audiences attention, and Lund has often been described…

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