Essay on The Role Of Public Health Practitioners

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The role of public health practitioners
As hinted already, in recent years consumers across the globe have been empowered; also currently patients are also considered consumers. Accordingly, health care providers need to recognise their patients as consumers who deserve to be adequately empowered; specifically public health practitioners need to revise their roles as health care is now significantly driven by patients (Lober & Flowers 2011). As discussed already, empowerment cannot be given to somebody; rather it ought to be achieved by those who pursue it (Laverack 2005). Specifically, public health practitioners who have access to power need to work with their clients collaboratively, especially those who pursue power to create the necessary conditions to ensure empowerment.
Laverack (2005) notes that public health practitioners have important role to play in undertaking an empowering approach. To facilitate change among the clients, practitioners can work both one-to-one basis as well as with groups or communities. The main focus should be to enable the clients to gain opportunities for self-help and exert greater control on own lives and welfare. Essentially initially it would be important to identify who are relatively more powerless. Practitioners’ role may range from helping these people/groups to gain more access or control to resources and supporting with regards to education, skills development, advisory services, legitimising community concerns and an…

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