The Role Of Policing : The Pillar Of Democracy Essay

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The role of policing has been modified greatly throughout history. Presently speaking, one could say the role of a law officer within the modern society has removed criminals from society and create or provides a secure atmosphere for citizens. This notion of protecting and serving the community arose in the early 1800’s where local communities would come together and shared equal responsibility to protect each other and maintain order. Citizens have a high expectation for law enforcement; they expect officers to be heroes in any situation. As declared in “Introduction to Policing: The Pillar of Democracy”, by Haberfeld M.R. (MAKI), Charles Lieberman and Amber Horning (2015), they expect police officers to have the “wisdom of Solomon, leadership of Moses, patience of jobs and faith of Daniel, the kindness of the Good Samaritan, strategic training of Alexander, the diplomacy of Lincoln and the tolerance of the carpenter of Nazareth”. All of these qualities stated attest to the idea that an officer is a leader in the community who must abide to a certain level of integrity.
As many already know, American’s style of policing was inherited from the policing style of Great Britain. The one factor that is still similar throughout the history of policing is that their objective is to protect the people. It is very important for one to understand the history of policing as a result of then one will be able to perceive the policies in modern society. Reflecting the history of…

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