The Role Of Media In Chinese Society

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Media plays a very significant role in people’s everyday lives. Why media is so important in Chinese society? Perhaps the media can instruct each individual person of what is going on around the world, it is a very important role that help informs people about news, history, entertainment, music, and politics, which is used as a form of communication and obtaining knowledge from expertise. Certainly, most media are likely to provide accurate information to the people. Over the pass couples of decade Chinese media have gone through a rapid change over time. Many people adapted to the media and became as a daily basis sources to do. Many people have their own type of preference reading. Not to mention, during the socialist period, the two most important forms of media in Chinese society was radio, and newspapers. It was the fastest and most mobilize ways to help China’s consumer society. Both of these forms of media influences the daily life of the people of China. It informs the people of China by giving them a sense of …show more content…
For instance, “the purpose of newspaper to people is to experiences and understanding of the world surround them”. Therefore, “over the last couple decades, Chinese newspapers have undergone a substantial transition over the period” (Latham, pg. 129). Although, in the late 1950s to 1960s newspapers became a dramatic time, Mao’s events of the Great Leap Forward and Cultural Revolution lead through a huge political issue, which “newspapers became the battle grounds for confrontation between intellectuals and the CCP” (Latham, pg. 114). People were very aware of the CCP, many were worship to the CCP, reading newspapers was a way to follow their dictatorship. Therefore, in socialist period the people became more aware of newspaper events that the government was providing for

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