Weekly Sierra Citizen Analysis

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The Weekly Sierra Citizen describes the government being unethical and overbearing to the public. The Weekly Sierra Citizen contains a large number of statements of disapproval of the governor’s actions during the San Francisco Vigilance Committee. These statements range from some that would not seem unusual today, to others that are impossible to imagine being used in a modern campaign. The public saw Governor Johnson’s proclamation with “much disapproval” understanding that he was unethical to the public. Another example is “he persists...to make war on their friends.”, which shows how much the governor abuses his powers to turn his people against each other.The passion of the people is displayed, “‘government by the people’.. the cottages …show more content…
The government is seen as malevolent force that will stop at nothing to achieve greatness but at the same time must sacrifice their image. Today, metaphors are used to express one's imaginative view on society. In the example, “male bawds and manumitted thieves” mentions male prostitutes and free black slaves. An example mocking the governor details, “Go up to a lune-un to be a lady’s p-a-g-e a while,” that the governor should have a fat lesbian be his lady wife. Doing so, expresses that nothing was off limits in debate. Today, that kind of language would be unbelievable and too personal of an attack towards someone.The government is seen as unethical and intimidating to the public. The public, overtime understands that the government is controlling and must be able to move towards a brighter society. If the public can’t express their disapproval to politicians, they express it on social media. On social media there are stories, memes, and pictures mocking and calling out the government for corruption and treason to the public’s rights. Finally, the government is seen as unethical and overbearing to the public and doing so allows the newspaper to express its opinions on the matter. Doing so, the newspaper mocks and justifies the government being corrupted by power. So, the government in this newspaper is beaten down as a threat to the public. The government today is still very similar but mostly for the benefit of a built nation. If it ain’t broke don’t fix it is how the government will always

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