Essay on The Role Of Human Resources Management Practices

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In the world, the thought of how many countries face issues within the workplace in which various employees are not committed to their jobs have always been a reoccurring question on my mind. Consider the possible factors such as why these individuals fail to stay long term; one of the most influences is the lack of enough participate of human resource management practices within the work place. In their article, “Enhancing Career commitment: The Influence of Human Resources Management Practices”, Yahna and Tan (2015), serves to show several ideas that play under management practices taken to improve career commitment. This article serves to research how human resources management practices do really play a primary part in enhancing career commitments. Yahna and Tan (2015) begin their article by stating their belief that the human resource offices are in existence to maintain and grown employees to attain competitive gain and improvement. Through such task, Human resource offices have switched gears going from more control method to towards employees to a much more employee career commitment driven strategy. Through this, employees who have positive attitudes and observations toward human resources practices at work become more committed instead than discouraged. Thus, it is of great important to understand the relationship between individual observations of organization in the human resource management practices and career commitment.
At the human resource management…

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