The Role Of Force By Enforcement Agencies And Officers Essay

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In July 1991 the Christopher Commission was established, right after the Rodney king beating. The commission made by the attorney Warren Christopher was made to conduct a full and fair examination of the operation Los Angeles police department, which apparently had used excessive force on the king. The Christopher Commission is in act today to help stop police and police departments from using too much force or excessive force. The use of force by law enforcement agencies and officers become quite necessary in some cases, and is permitted under certain circumstances, such as in defense of another individual or as in self-defense. There is no specific or agreed upon definition of the use of force. Although the International Association of chiefs of police say that the use of force “is the amount of effort required by police and to compel compliance by an unwilling subject” (National Institute of Justice). What some police officers don’t understand is that you use force to stop the threat not to fatally injure them, which brings in the Christopher commission. But sometimes it isn’t the officers fault of the use of force. Officers receive guidelines from their individual agencies, and every agency is different. There is no universal set of rules that every law enforcement officer has to follow. I believe there should be one Universal rules that all law enforcement agencies have to follow. All Law enforcement officers are different and situations that the officers…

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