Violent Police Citizen Encounters: An Article Analysis

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With all the racial tension occurring in this nation at the moment, it is hard to ignore the problem that is the police and excessive force when it comes to minorities. Before I read the article “Violent Police Citizen Encounters: An Analysis of Major Newspaper Accounts” I already had some concrete ideas and thoughts about police brutality and misconduct in the United States. For the most part the article by Kim Michelle Lercsh and Joe R. Feagan simply reiterated most of what I already knew however, their article provided research, stats, and data that supported and backed up my previous knowledge and assumptions.
It was interesting that they used the power conflict theory to better comprehend police brutality and misconduct. One thing that
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This caught my eye because it goes to show you how police often believe that they are above the law and most citizens who have never dealt with or will ever deal with police brutality in their lives will place cops on a pedestal. This blind hero worship is dangerous and often overshadows the issues at hand. When a police officer does something wrong many will come to their defense no matter what and the victim is always to blame especially if they are a person of color. They automatically assume that the person who had some type of conflict with a police officer must have been disrespectful. They often ignore the fact that disrespect does not call for violent repercussions especially by the hand of someone who was supposed to protect …show more content…
With all the research and evidence and newspapers and occurrences and headlines, you would think that more people would open their eyes to see that we have a serious problem in this nation. Often many are all too willing to turn a blind eye to something that negatively affects one of the biggest minorities in the United States. However that is not overwhelmingly surprising seeing as that many problems that affect African Americans can easily be dismissed by people who have the privilege of not experiencing them and that is the very sad reality that we live in. “In society certain groups of people dominate over others do to their control of various important social resources, such as wealth and income, private property that may serve to generate further wealth, and greater control over the police and military forces”. In my opinion with these privileges comes blissful ignorance, and people who choose to ignore the problem are also part of the

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