The Role Of A Nurse Essay

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The Role of Nursing
It is said that the nursing profession is one of the most respected and trusted careers there are. From the beginning, a nurse’s role was to nurture and mend those that are sick, frail and even through the process of end of life, but it doesn’t just stop there. Nursing has come a long way and entails many more aspects than they are even given credit for. A nurse wears many hats and is required to perform duties outside of healing obvious wounds. They are highly skilled and educated individuals, scientists and innovators, who work in many different divisions, all for the best interest of their patients. They require a deep commitment to their work and patients as well as a compassion and love for those who he or she is caring for, always remembering that the patient is the top priority and their well-being is the center of all things they do.
Registered nurses fulfill a number of duties and responsibilities including preforming physical exams and histories of the patients, administering medications, preforming wound care, provide emotional care, maintaining a hygienic and safe environment, (SOURCE), but also included in these duties are some that the general public may not be aware of or consider. One of the jobs that their career as a nurse entails includes the counseling and education for patients and their families. This is a rather large portion of a nurse’s day and duties.
More so, educating is incredibly important as it provides knowledge for…

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