Essay on The Roi Of Field Service Automation

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Title: The ROI of field service automation
SH: How to calculate your ROI and save 5-20%

As companies begin budgeting for 2016, this is the ideal time to look at your employee productivity metrics and analyze how you can improve performance. Whether you are thinking about mobile field service solutions or optimizing how you manage your mobile workforce, none of these initiatives will resonate with your team unless you can show them the ROI metrics. Field service mobile automation is the killer app that not only increases employee productivity, but also reduce your service expenses. We will guide you through the average savings and ROI numbers, then link to our ROI calculator where you can enter your company’s data and receive a customize ROI report to share with your team.

What are mobile field service solutions?
As an overview, the type of mobile solutions we are talking about are those that help you maintain and organize your entire workforce, including: mobile field technicians, customer service representatives, dispatchers and the office staff who monitor your service organization. These solutions strive to decrease customer frustration and help you exceed customer expectations in the ever changing digital age. With benefits such as online appointment booking based on real-time resource availability, travel and route optimization, automated resource dispatching when parts arrive and much more, field service management solutions can transform and optimize your service…

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