The Road Was Bumpy As We Descended Down It Heading Towards My Sister 's Wedding

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The road was bumpy as we descended down it heading towards my sister’s wedding. I sat in my sister’s grey Ford Fusion listening to her talk. “It seems that every time I try to do something to make my life the way I want it, it goes bad.” she stated with a dreary voice, “Grandma has always told me that I need to listen to God and trust the path He has for me, but I never listened. When I told her that I was moving to Ohio, she told me I needed to pray about it. I told her I had been, and that this was the only thing that is actually working out and that’s why I know this is what He wants for me.”. As I sat and listened to her speak about how much trusting in Him has changed her life I began to cry. I began asking myself “why didn’t I not see it sooner?” my sister glanced away from the road looking over at me, “What’s wrong?” she stated. But that was just it, there was nothing wrong, nothing at all.
All my life I had three things going for me. First I had my life planned out and would not stray, second I was head strong, and lastly I was dependable or a leader. When I was finishing my eighth grade in high school I begun the search that most juniors start, I started looking at colleges and getting my name out to the department I planned to be in once I attended that college. I would sit in my room for hours looking up the best ways to get accepted into a law school and that is where I came across business. The moment I saw that as one of the top contenders for acceptance I…

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