Essay on The Road Of The Gravel Road

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I drove out to the gravel road that had taken my friend’s life. It was a single car accident in which she struck loose gravel and rolled her brown, Ford Escape SUV multiple times. She was not wearing her seatbelt and was ejected through her sunroof. I put my vehicle in park and stepped onto the loose pieces of rock. The towing company had taken her vehicle, but they had not picked up all the pieces. Bits of yellow reflective lights were mixed in with the shattered pieces of red brake lights. All over the ground were pieces of broken glass. The road itself had a scar of where the car rolled multiple times. I walked a distance in the grass on the side of the road until a glimpse of sunlight reflected from something on the ground that caught my eye. I walked over to the metallic piece to find Kelly’s bent glasses that she was wearing that night. I couldn’t handle the scene and had to leave. I went back be with all of my friends. Earlier that morning I thought it was better to be by myself, but being at the scene made me realize just how much I needed to be with my friends. Our parents found out more information about the accident and they wanted to know when the last any of us had talked to her. I informed them about my text and it was decided that I was the last one to make contact with her. The police also ruled that she had been texting while driving on the road, thus causing the accident. They found her phone and it was assumed that she was replying to…

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