The Ritz Carlton Hotel Management Essay

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The Ritz-Carlton hotel franchise has proven itself to be one of the finest organizations in the service industry worldwide. Founded in 1983, the Ritz-Carlton Hotel Company has become a multibillion-dollar company, employing over 22,000 workers in forty hotels worldwide (Bacon & Pugh, 2004). Though the company has been awarded some of the most prestigious honors in the industry and has consistently exceeded the expectations of their guests, their competitive advantage is most notable in the way the organization has exceeded staff expectations. The Ritz-Carlton Hotel Company employs the principles of Servant Leadership, as described in Robert Greenleaf’s essay, The Servant as Leader (1991), and each employee is empowered to practice these principles to every guest.
Greenleaf believed the servant leader is a servant first, and then aspires to lead others (Greenleaf, et. al., 1977). According to Greenleaf, the servant leader is characterized by at least ten principles: listening, empathy, healing, awareness, persuasion, conceptualization, foresight, stewardship, commitment to growth and building community. The Ritz-Carlton Hotel Company also assures that their guest’s highest priority needs are being served. In order to consistently meet this challenge, Ritz-Carlton empowers its employees to provide exceptional service. Former Vice President of Ritz-Carlton Leadership Center, Diana Oreck, stated it is essential for an organizational culture to be absorbed not only in…

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