The Rising Importance Of Education Essay

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During the Renaissance, the importance of education was realized as more and more children were enrolled in school in order to develop more well-rounded youths, including girls as the roots of gender equality grew, but the rising importance of school wouldn 't go without criticism. Because of the changes in the typical family life from the Black Death, families started to push for their children to become better educated. A normal Renaissance education was based off a humanist curriculum, placing an importance on developing both mind and body in order to develop a student into a well-rounded adult. The roots of gender equality took root as girls were able to enroll in schools and receive the same education as boys. Schools came to be criticized for the sheer number of them, creating a disproportionate number of educated people compared to how many are needed, which would conjure up contempt for lower-class jobs. The rising importance of education caused a large number of schools to open, allowing for a wide array of children from different backgrounds to enroll, creating a new class of well-educated people. Aeneas Sylvius Piccolomini, an Italian humanist, advocated for students to study a variety of topics, with a focus on attaining enlightenment of the mind by studying philosophy, though it 's obvious that from his POV as a Catholic, and eventually pope, that he would advocate for religious studies in education as he must have been a devout Catholic if he would become…

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