The Rising Cost Of A College Education Essay

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Barack Obama, President of the United States, has pressed to the American people many times that “Where you start should not determine where you end up” (Remarks). With lower and middle class families presently struggling to make ends meet, how are they supposed to afford a college tuition and alter where they “end up”? Our country supports and promises equal rights and equal opportunity to every American. However, a single mother barely making twenty thousand dollars a year is supposed to afford a sixteen-thousand-dollar college tuition. The rising cost of a college education is not mindful to less fortunate students who are striving to optimize Barack Obama’s words. The shocking inflation of college tuition, along with the lifelong burden of student loans, makes it nearly impossible for less fortunate students, regardless of their academic potential, to achieve higher education. A college education has been proven to improve the well-being of many American lives. Unfortunately, individuals who rely on government assistance and cannot afford the opportunity of college are vastly overlooked. The idea of success has been a part of everyone’s life since the beginning of time, so why are we deterring less fortunate students from gaining a higher education? A prime example of colleges and universities showing bias to less fortunate students who cannot afford a college education is by raising tuition costs. Lee Hogan, a journalist at Arkansas Business exposes how…

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