The Rise Of The Roman Empire Essay

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An argument could be made that the ‘Holy’ Roman Empire shaped the way the world is now, but the Fall of Rome was inevitable for three reasons which can be seen in the demise of most great empires. Firstly, the Romans expanded their empire too far from their capital, secondly the creation of enemies due to Rome’s lack of leadership resulted in the land being overrun by foreign nations, and lastly, due to the weakening of the Roman legions, corruption and political instability played a role in the ending of the Roman Empire. During its reign as the world’s foremost superpower, Rome overexpanded and overspent on its military. At its peak, the Roman Empire was 2 million square miles and it stretched across Western Europe, encompassing parts of North Africa and Asia Minor. As Rome grew in size, it was soon unable to support the cost of such a huge empire, which can be proven when: “The Roman Empire had become too large to administer easily (religion.uscb.du).”. Rome began to have economic issues, for example, when they stopped expanding, the Roman Empire’s treasury was no longer benefiting from the conquest and plunder of the wealth of foreign lands. Therefore, Rome was forced to pay huge sums out of its own pocket in order to preserve the empire by building large armies, roads and forts to guard the empire, as shown when: “The Roman army became over stretched and needed more and more soldiers (” Additionally, with all this spending, Rome was no longer…

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