The Rise Of Medical Cost Partial Blame The Emerging Of Chronic Diseases, Lifestyle Behaviors, And Innovation

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Over the years, the rise in medical cost partial blame the emerging of chronic diseases, lifestyle behaviors, and innovation for the upsurge in health care costs that forced millions of Americans without health care coverage. As people tend to develop chronic diseases from life style behaviors it becomes a burden on health care, to ensure that these patients receive the best care possible as the demand became greater and too expensive for the insurance companies to manage. “The U.S. chronic illness burden is increasing and is felt more strongly in minority and low-income populations: in 2005, 133 million Americans had at least one chronic condition” (Bodenheimer, Chen, & Bennett, 2009, para. 2). Insurance companies were forced to change particular provisions for their policies. The underwriters’ just like any other organization fortunes income increase and decrease from their profits and expenditures (Bodenheimer, Chen, & Bennett, 2009). The outcome of gross profits or incurs losses from loss ratios decide if an organization should remain or exit the business and also, determine the benefits the company offers to the consumers (Bodenheimer, Chen, & Bennett, 2009). Newly innovation creates an opportunity to help improve patient care with modern technology that proves to increase the effectiveness and efficiency of patient outcomes. Soaring health care costs also are draining federal and state funds, interfering with the country’s ability to pay for key initiatives needed to…

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