The Rise And Fall Of The Roman Empire Essay

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The Roman Empire was the greatest empire in the world. The empire spread over a total of three continents and thrived for hundreds of years. Rome had an incredible military which was a crucial factor in making Rome into a powerful and extensive empire. The ability to incorporate other ideas and cultures into their own would lead the Romans to many important technological, economical, and cultural advancements throughout their time in power. Some of the most important events leading to the expansion and theological basis of the Christian faith also occurred during the time of the Roman Empire. The Roman Empire can credit much of its success to its military. Paul Kennedy, the author of The Rise and Fall of the Great Powers wrote,
"The Romans understood that the world needed to practice imperialism, namely the art of winning wars and invading territories,[which meant] they also practiced and learned the political tricks that sustained their ability to stay in power of their territories during their reigning period.”
Roman soldiers were prosperous because of their training, new fighting techniques, capability to learn quickly, and government assistance. Their military was made up of legionnaires (who were foot soldiers), commissioned officers, and staff officers. These three sections of the army would make up a military thought of as the most dominant army in the world up to this point, because of their glorious defeats against their opponents. They were skillful, disciplined,…

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