Essay on The Rights Of The Death Penalty

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The Right to Live
Jesus Christ was sentenced to death by Pontius Pilate for claiming to be the king of Jews. Without committing any homicides or any other crimes, Jesus was innocently crucified. The death penalty has been a method of punishment used by many countries to bring justice to hurting family members of murder victims. Some convicted murderers have received the death penalty as punishment for taking someone else’s life and to give closure to the victim’s family members. To some people, the death penalty is the ultimate punishment an offender can receive. The United States has been carrying out capital punishment since its early colonization. As the years passed, more people have accepted the death penalty as a form of punishment for certain crimes. However, not everyone is in favor of such punishment. The United States has been debating the death penalty since its colonization and it is yet to find a solution. Death penalty opponents argue that the death penalty is expensive, cost taxpayers millions of dollars and society is easy to discriminate by favorably giving a colored person the death penalty versus a white person. On the other hand those who support this punishment claim that the death penalty is needed for retribution and deterrence. Nonetheless, many studies have proven that in reality the death penalty does not acts as a deterrence to future crimes and is no more effective than life without parole sentences. If anything, the death penalty is a form of…

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