Arguments Against Capital Punishment In The United States

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Death penalty otherwise known as capital punishment is the authorized killing of an individual as punishment for a crime. Some of the offenses that attract the death penalty are treason, drug trafficking, espionage, federal murder, terrorism, attempting to kill a witness, juror or court officer just to mention a few. A good number of Americans supports Capital punishment while others are against the sentence. Currently, out of the fifty states in America, nineteen have abolished the capital punishment.
Among the thirty-one states supporting the death penalty, only seven conducted executions in 2014. Since 2014 the thirty-one still support the death penalty including Washington DC. The crime rate currently has increased as compared to the past. The law enforcers are dealing with many criminal cases daily. Apart from that, the judicial systems are also overwhelmed by the many cases they have to solve every day. Additionally, what makes the matters worse is the number of crimes attracting the death penalty has increased. Moreover, some of the criminals are hardcore, and they are always in and out of prison and once they are out they are a threat to the security in the society. Therefore, such a victim can only be spotted by the death penalty. Thus, this essay will discuss some of the factors why capital punishment
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Thus, abolishing capital punishment would mean that murder and assault are in the same category. Offering the same judgment to murder and assault would be sending a message to criminals that it is okay to kill a person after assaulting them. As mentioned earlier, the capital punishment discourages people from committing crimes such as murder. Therefore, execution would be the suitable punishment for murder related crimes. The society should not be merciful to people who commit

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