The Death Penalty: The Reasons Of Capital Punishment?

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Capital Punishment serves to end an individual’s life by execution, most generally by lethal injection for a serious or capital crime that particular person has been convicted of in a court of law. It is not looked upon as a means of revenge, but should be looked upon as a deterrent for those that might commit crimes in the future. “I don’t think you should support the death penalty to seek revenge. I don’t think that’s right. I think the reason to support the death penalty is because it saves people’s lives.” − George Walker Bush. There are some crimes that are so horrific that only the death of the perpetrator can assure the innocents in society that they will be safe from someone who has demonstrated not only their capability to murder, …show more content…
Accordingly, a person that viciously murders another person should not expect their own life to be spared; they should expect to face the death penalty for their crime if that crime meets the criteria of a death penalty charge. If too many people think they can commit horrible crimes and get by with it, all the more reason we need to stand firm as a society that expects accountability from all of its citizens. We hope that by having capital punishment at our disposal, it will be act as deterrence for those that might have the forethought of committing a crime that falls under the criteria for death penalty sentencing. “A related retentionist argument asserts that the death penalty, more than any other form of punishment (including life in prison), can achieve great overall utility through deterrence─the dissuading of possible offenders from committing capital crimes” (Vaughn, 2016). Furthermore, by exploring the fact that those sentenced to death often spend many years involved in the appellate court process fighting their death sentence and trying to overturn that sentence into life imprisonment proves that once again, common sense wins showing that people might be deterred more by facing the death penalty than by spending their life in

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