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The Death of the Death Penalty The Death Penalty has been used for centuries. Ever since we’ve had a civilization it’s ways have changed over the years. Some acts of the Death Penalty have been brutal, such as Roman crucifixion, and have lent themselves to be infamous. We know that crucifixion had been the cause of death for Jesus of Nazareth. Yet, we can also remember who we saw next to him while crucified, Criminals and malcontents. The Death Penalty is a necessary evil to keep the world safe. To deny the importance of the Death Penalty as a punishment for simply being morally wrong is questionable when the death penalty is currently only used on those who have committed heinous crimes. Murdering rapists don’t care about society anymore. …show more content…
It leaves the victims family was a ending to the nightmare (Messerli). Our justice system nowadays, is too focused on the perpetrator’s rights. We must go back to what this entire thing was about, protecting the victim. The United States needs the Death Penalty to serve Justice to the those who cannot be changed for the better (Messerli). There are those who say that the innocence factor can make the Death Penalty, an irreversible but effective, punishment much too dangerous to be used. For the safety of those prisoners who might perhaps be innocent. (Dieter) The people who disagree with the Death Penalty because of the chance that an innocent claim that:
“The danger that innocent people will be executed because of errors in the criminal justice system is getting worse. A total of 69 people have been released from death row since 1973 after evidence of their innocence emerged. Twenty-one condemned inmates have been released since 1993, including seven from the state of Illinois alone. Many of these cases were discovered not because of the normal appeals process, but rather as a result of new scientific techniques, investigations by journalists, and the dedicated work of expert attorneys, not available to the typical death row inmate.” (Dieter)
Yet however, those opposed to the Death Penalty do not take into account our new

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