Essay on The Rights Of Freedom Of Religion

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Within the Constitution, there is a set of unalienable, fully protected rights that are guaranteed to all citizens regardless of social standing, race, or political stance. These rights are known as the First Amendment as part of the Bill of Rights. It is these rights provided by the First Amendment that protects citizens from an overbearing and domineering government. Some of these rights are often the cause for great debate, as to what constitutes that right, and how does that affect others and the government that serves them. These rights include the freedom of religion, the freedom of the press, and the freedom to property. The freedom of religion was added to the first amendment for a variety of reasons, each vital to both the rights of the individual and the safety from tyranny that the bill of rights guarantees. Often, it is this simple, unalienable right that causes so much debate, as some would find a religion objectionable, and it is both the right and responsibility of the Supreme Court to settle matters regarding the Constitution. There is a multitude of cases tried by the Supreme Court that deal with this very problem, with cases about what constitutes a religion, infringements on the rights of religious practitioners, as well as numerous other cases. One such case is the hearing Lambs Chapel v. Center Moriches Union Free District. This case revolved around the right for a religious group to use a school building to practice their religion without…

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