Essay on The Rights Of Children 's Rights

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The legislation surrounding young people is reflective of the effectiveness of the legal mechanisms when protection of their rights is concerned. The legal mechanisms that are most relevant to young people are the United Nations, courts and the many parliaments of Australia. The protection of children 's rights is a topic covered by multiple separate entities that all focus on the fair treatment of youth in the legal system. The parliament 's legislation about children 's rights is governed by the conventions released by the United Nations this then governing court decision and how they can administer justice in accordance with legislation and precedent of Acts related to children 's court. The effectiveness of the legal mechanisms in the protection of children 's rights is effective in its pursuance of justice with the exception of the implementation of United Nations documents.

The United Nations is the worldwide corporation that aims to protect the rights of humanity while retaining international peace. The convention of the rights of the child (CROC) is a document that was signed by Australia in 1990 that is aimed at protecting children from being mistreated throughout the countries that signed the United Nations charter. Australia has been called out for lacking severely in the implementation of CROC into legislation to properly protect the rights of children in the 5 states and 2 territories that make up the country. Australia 's protection of children 's rights is…

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